Hospital Moinhos, a place of excellence

We transform lives and redefine careers. With over 90 years of history, we are one of the five hospitals of excellence in the country, unique in the southern region. We share, among our 4 thousand employees, our main purpose which is to CARE FOR LIVES and we do this by putting our values ​​into practice:


Quality and safety

Ethics and Integrity

Focus on results

Commitment to society

Protagonism and Innovation

Kindness and Compassion

Union and Collaboration

Being part of the Moinhos de Vento brand adds value to the career of professionals who focus on growth. We offer opportunities in practically all areas, offering our employees a career path that values ​​the potential and talents of each one.


We have a unique way of developing people. We invest in training, knowledge and tools for the development of our employees, encouraging the protagonism of their careers.


We understand that in order to achieve success and build an excellent work environment, it is necessary to value, not only the similarities, but also the differences of all the collaborators of our team.


We invest in research, state-of-the-art equipment, information technology. This allows you to have access to the latest in health and offer the most complete services to patients and their families.


We have a unique way of planning spaces. We build places that favor excellence, safety, well-being and welcome. We develop sustainable and modern projects, focused on the human being.

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Hospital Moinhos Benefits and Opportunities.

We offer a differentiated package of benefits stimulating the quality of life of our employees and opportunities for professional growth. Check it out below:


Full Health Moinhos

Medical and dental health plans

Knowledge Portal


Werner Schwuchow Nursery

Collaborator's Solar

Employee's House

Employees Restaurant

Moinhos Family Day

Celebration and Recognition

Agricultural greenhouse

Challenge Program (Variable Remuneration)

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Many people build their careers and transform their lives by working at Hospital Moinhos de Vento. They are stories of men and women who, every day, search for their dreams, aligned with a greater purpose: taking care of lives. See some of these stories:

Vânia Rohsig
Marcelo Frank
Bibiana Cunha
Tiago Scholz
Vanessa Padilha


The Moinhos de Vento Hospital today brings together outstanding human capital in different areas. With this, it produces relevant information and cutting edge knowledge, which deserves to be shared. It is knowledge management gaining strength through sharing and collaboration. See some articles produced by our professionals.

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Awards and certifications

ISO 14001
Selo Ouro do PBGHG
Redlara Gold
Marcas de Quem Decide
Prêmio Excelência da Saúde
Selo da Qualidade Cofen
Acreditação Hospitalar Internacional
Auditoria de Certificação Trienal ISO
3M – Black Diamond  Lesões de Pele Grupo GRESTE
Os Melhores Hospitais da América Latina
Época 360
Excelência  da Saúde
Top Cidadania
Prêmio Health ARQ
500 maiores do sul
WSO ANGEL AWARD Status Golden Atendimento AVC
Valor 100
Top de Marketing
Prêmio de Música